industrial pavements, resin treatments, anti-slip ramps, concrete floors

Yes, because just a united team can do a good job. It's the base for everything, for LORIPAVDUE. Everything was born in 1997, when the 3 brothers Selvatico, after a 10 years experience in various companies in this field decided to found Loripav, now Loripavdue.

The accurate selection of the materials to us and of personnel, together with its continuous training, the "attention" to always more innovative technologies, make of Loripavdue a leading company in the industrial pavements field, in Italy and worldwide.

Loripavdue has now 25 people directly employed, together with a commercial team able to collect and interpret the needs of the client and to provide the most adapt answers, technically and economically.
What characterizes Loripavdue, together with the guarantee to realize a floor made "in a workmanlike manner" is the flexibility in organizing the team on the base of customer's site needs, immediately commutable in an economic benefit for the customer.

"Union is strength" not only inside the Company, but also with our Partners, that means our suppliers and our clients.
Come with Loripavdue....we'll pave the way for you!

industrial pavements, resin treatments, anti-slip ramps, concrete floors